Peter King Explains

In today’s MMQB, Peter King ranks the NFL Teams from 1-32 (he has Indy at 5), but more importantly explains his cryptic text that was so vehemently refuted by Marvin Harrison’s agent.

King says:

I think here’s my two cents on the fate of Marvin Harrison:
I said in my March 3 column that I thought he’d retire, because he’s
made $80 million-$90 million over the last decade or so, and given that
he can’t get totally healthy and no one wants to guarantee him enough
to make another effort worth his while, it was highly unlikely he’d
play again. I had a source with knowledge of the situation echo that to
me in the past month, that Harrison, though he was still holding out
hope that someone might step up and pay him big money, wouldn’t get
such an offer, and so this source didn’t think he would play again.

in response to a Twitter follower’s question about Harrison a week ago,
I tweeted that I was told reliably Harrison isn’t going to play. His
Tom Condon, responded by saying Harrison still planned to play, and he’s healthy enough to play.

If I were Harrison’s agent, and I was still holding out hope that some
team desperate for a veteran receiver (Chicago? Tennessee?) might
guarantee my client $5 million to play in 2009, I’d say exactly the
same thing — especially because I’d want to leave no thought in a
future employer’s head that my client’s wheels are healthy enough to

Barring a big offer from someone, I’d be surprised if Harrison shows up on anyone’s team this summer.

So there you have it.  We can debate the various merits of ‘breaking’ a story over Twitter, but King is not backing off what he said.  If he is correct, this definitively eliminates whatever sliver of hope Colts fans might have had that Marv would get desperate and return to action in blue and white.  Ultimately, I think King would have been better served to wait to post that he had a source that confirmed Harrison’s state of mind until he could give it a more complete explanation.  In the Twitter post (I will not say tweet.  You can’t make me.), the brevity of the entry made it appear as though the situation was a done deal, when King is merely drawing a conclusion from a likely set of facts (Marv won’t play for less than $5 million + No team will pay 88 $5 Million=Harrison is done).


Oehser names two ex-favorite 18to88 whipping boys as the most underrated Colts.  I would rate them “Most Improved” (along with Session) rather than most underrated. Both were awful in 2007.  Both were bad early in 2008.  CJ showed that he is NOT an NFL tackle, but is a very solid guard.  When Ugoh came back, and CJ slid over, the left side of the line was instantly better. Tim Jennings can still make you cringe from time to time, but Oehser is right.  He was the 2nd/3rd CB in a secondary that was among the best in NFL history at stopping passing TDs.  He deserves (and got even from us) some credit at the end of last year.

Kuharsky wants Colts myths.  Here’s one of my favorites:  everything is Peyton Manning’s fault.  He has posted a rating over 90 in each of the Colts last three playoff losses.  But yawn, we’ve been down this road before!  By the way, enjoy the old school 18to88 with that post. Sigh.