Part Test, Part Announcement

A couple of years ago I attended a professional conference aimed at educating executives to trends among emerging leaders under the age of 35.  Yes, I was one of the ‘under 35s’ invited to attend.  It struck me at the time that despite running my own website, blog, and podcast that I was already hopelessly out of date with new trends in technology.  At the time I didn’t even have a Facebook account, and though I do now, I still don’t really ‘get it’.

I bring this up not whine about how insufferably old I am already (33 is the new 70), but rather to mention that while has had a limited Twitter presence for some time, I’ve finally gotten around to tying the RSS feeds for both the main page and the links into my Twitter account.  So now, for those so inclined, when you follow 18to88 on Twitter, you can be assured that you’ll be getting real time updates about happenings here at

I really wanted to tell you that…and I had to post something to test if it works.

So, sign up to follow by heading over to  Hilariously, this is my feed, but it’s under Demond’s name.  Whatever, it works for both of us.