Moving on…

It’s not easy to do, but here are 12 steps to freedom from Harrison related gloom:

1.  Go scour the city for good deals on 88 jerseys.  A Marvin Harrison jersey in Indy will never go out of style.  Buy them now when the price is good, or else you’ll be paying about $400 for throwbacks for your kids some day.

2.  Think about the Pacers.  Scoop Jackson threw up a “Pacers Rushmore“.  McGinnis, Brown and Miller are easy.  Chuck Person is a joke at number 4.  Better options in order:  Donnie Walsh, Mark Jackson, Rik Smits, Larry Brown.

3.  Think about baseball season.  Here’s the Rushmore for the Reds:  Rose, Bench, Morgan, Larkin.  Absolutely dead on.  It’s hard to leave Nuxhall off of there, but those four should all be Hall of Famers, and two are Cincy natives and the other two are arguably the best players at their positions in history.  That list accounts for 6 MVP awards and 3 of the Reds 5 World Titles (only 1919 and 1940 aren’t account for). There are lots of other good options, but I can’t see any of them beating out those four.  By the way, the Cubs list was Sandberg, Carey, and Banks.  Then inexplicably, the writer put Sosa on and left off Billy Williams.  Now, I’m no Cubs fan, but give me a break.  If Billy effing Williams isn’t one of the four best Cubs ever, then….never mind, it’s the Cubs, who cares?  I liked the Cards list too…almost.  I buy Musial, Pujols and Bob Gibson, but Brock or Hornsby HAVE to be on the list over the massively overrated Ozzie Smith.

4.  Weep softly into a pillow.

5.  Keep hoping that Saturday comes back.  Again, tough call.  Bring him back, but only if the price is right.

6.  Engage in the media free for all.  Mort thinks 88 is a slam dunk HoFer.  Duh.

7.  Pop in your DVD set of the 2006 post season.

8.  Stare lovingly at your Riddell mini-helmet signed by Harrison that your brother got you.  Oh, your brother didn’t bother going down to HH Gregg to get Marvin’s autograph back in 1998?  Sucks to be you, doesn’t it?

9.  Commiserate along here with the rest of us.

10.  Write an entry for the Best Games list.  It can get you an XLI program.  It’s loaded with pictures of Marvin!

11. Take up a hobby, like heavy use of alcohol or drugs.  It won’t take away the pain, but it will muffle it, plus you won’t have to live as long with the memory of Marv in a strange uniform.

12.  Never mind.  I’m not getting over this anytime soon…


Jimmy talks to 1070 about 88.  The fact that everyone is acting like an adult about this makes it a lot easier.