Maurice Jones Drew – Crazy Man

I hate the off-season.  I hate that the season didn’t last one more week.  I thought San Diego would be tough, and I would have been SURE we’d have lost at Pittsburgh, but still, I would have liked to get the chance to see it turn out.  The early off-season will mean a slight slow-down here at 18to88 (maybe one post a day, instead of the average 1.5), while we try to remember how to do our day jobs, and I work on a book.

One of the worst parts about running this website this year is that now that neither the Colts nor Pats are around, there is nothing to talk about.  For the record, I’m rooting for the Steelers (because I like to be right, and have thought they were the best team in the AFC all year) and the Giants (because I’m sure Peyton is).  I could live with the Eagles winning as well.  I’ve long respected McNabb for working hard to be a complete QB and not just letting his game stall at the ‘athlete’ level.

So with a dubious selection of topics available (is there any point in rehashing the Marvin Harrison non-story which has been a non-story for about 8 months now?), it was nice to see this gift come across the wire.  MoJo thinks the Jags are better than all the teams in the playoffs?  Since we still can’t bring ourselves to sit down with the tape from last Saturday and dissect all the 3rd down plays or something useful (since everyone with a brain knows what happened and everyone without one wouldn’t listen anyway), I’ll just waste time instead.

Here’s the top 10 things the Jags were better at than all the teams in the playoffs:

10.  Losing
9.  Not winning very often
8.  Hating their head coach
7.  Getting shot (tied with NY Giants)*
6.  Signing Jerry Porter and Troy Williamson 
5.  Asking Vic
4.  Tarp maintenance
3.  Wearing teal
2.  Finishing last in their division
1.  I honestly can’t think of anything

*That’s in very poor taste.  Sorry, the Jags really bring out the worst in me.

 JC sends in this one.  Both halves of the piece are interesting.  The Pats have to franchise Cassel.  We remember what Edge was like his first year back.  He could barely play the first 6 weeks, and was very average after that.  I know it’s not apples to apples, but a year is the MINIMUM amount to really recover from an ACL.  I openly root for Brady to suck on every play, but not even I want to see it happen because he came back before he was ready.  I never root for injuries.

Phil B recaps the game.  I feel sick all over again.  I forgot about Gonzo’s fourth quarter dropped pass.