In the Chain

All our effort is going into our 2009 Mock draft right now, so here’s a lazy all-link post:

Kravitz thinks the Pacers are on the right track.  I agree, but unless they hit the lottery, I’m not sure it is better for the team to have missed the playoffs.  They still need one more prime piece, and drafting in no man’s land isn’t the way to get it.  Most likely, they’ll only be about a spot or two better for having missed the playoffs than if they had made them.  I’d gladly trade the experience and positive momentum for those couple of spots.

The Madden geeks are guaranteeing Manning doesn’t get cut in franchise mode.

FO’s Speed Score gets a look at the Washington Post.  Last year it suggested that Mike Hart would be good.  I sure hope he gets healthy enough to prove it.  CORRECTION: Mike Hart had a horrible Speed Score.  Thanks to Shake for setting me straight.  I’m not sure what I was thinking..

NBA HoFers weigh in on Reggie.  I’d like to think he was in for sure, but there is no group weirder than the Basketball Hall of Fame voters.

I both envy and hate everyone who was there that night.

Finally, this email came in from my friend Chad:
Q: How bad is Willy Taveres? 
A: So bad, that Darnell McDonald got the
Opening Day start instead.

Q: How Bad is Johnny Gomes?
A: (See Lance

Remind me again why I’m so glad it’s baseball season?  Sigh…

SI lists some of the best UFA’s of the bast 15 years.  Saturday and AV make the list.