Get Lost

Well, it’s only a week and a half late, and the formatting is fairly jacked (XL and HTML just don’t mix), but the Lost Predictions are finally updated.  You can click the link or check the side bar.

Lost has been tremendous already this season, and has provided a couple of major answers to long standing mysteries (oooh, so THAT’S why Widmore wants to find the island so desperately).  Lost has returned at just the right moment because another of my favorite shows, Smallville, has managed to jump the tracks in inexplicable fashion.  Just a few episodes ago, it was working on one of its best seasons every, but then the reemergence of Lana Lang plunged the show into an unwatchable hell hole.  Oh well, at least Lost is awesome </bizarre nerd rant>. 

Cut me some slack, the Pacers play hard and are plucky, but still aren’t very good, and IU is…well basically the same.  At least I didn’t enter into a discussion of Battle Star Galactica (though I will if you want me to…you don’t?…Oh.  Never mind then).

Be sure to check out Derek Schultz’s interview with Dungy today on XL 950.  He sent us an advanced copy, and he makes some great comments about Edge James and Caldwell.  Use the embedded player at the top of the post to take a listen, or click here to download it.  Thanks Derek for the heads up.  I’m excited to read Dungy’s book.  It’s hard to get a copy in Argentina, but I’m having one brought to me next week.  I’ll review it soon.

By the way, we’ll do a live blog for the Super Bowl.

Here’s a good piece on Sean Casey.

BBS goes on a screed about ESPN and Harrison which manages to make all the points despite its (appropriate) vitriol.  I 100% agree that the coverage of the incident has been uneven at best and utterly unprofessional at worst.  The characterization of a 23 year old man as a “ball boy” is downright hilarious.

The Jags continue to amuse.

CHFF interviews the Brit who traveled around the US watching football.  He liked the Luke.

Brad sends us this link which says that apparently Bob Sanders is visiting friends in Texas.

Did I mention the FO awards?  Yeah?  Several times?  Never mind.  I’ll stop my whoring.  Who am I kidding?  VOTE ALREADY!

How did I miss this?  Thanks to my buddy Luke for finding it.

Players like the turf at the Luke.

Dungy was on Letterman.  Still hunting down video.

Dungy on ESPN