Edge is Free/Randy Edsall Interview

It’s not unexpected, but the Cardinals have finally given Edge his freedom.  The selection of Donald Brown all but ensures he won’t be headed back to Indianapolis, but I think we are all happy for him none the less.  Waiting until after the draft to dump Edge was an utterly classless move.  They saved $7 million against the cap, and only had about 1 million otherwise.  There was no way they were keeping James, but instead of giving him a chance to go find work, they reduced his options by cutting him after the draft.  Needless to say, I won’t be rooting for the Cardinals next year.

The Reds have scored 71 runs this year.  Joey Votto has 20 RBIs.  Wow.

Freddy is coming back.  That’s not shocking news, but certainly welcome news.  He’s a solid player, even if he never developed into the pro bowler that we hoped. 

Edwin Encarnacion is on the DL.  I hope he never makes it back to Cincinnati.  He’s awful.

Here’s a tremendous interview from our friends at XL 950.  It’s UConn coach Randy Edsall talking about Donald Brown.  He has tremendous things to say about Brown, and also kind words for Jim Caldwell.  A special thanks to Derek Schultz for passing the interview along and allowing us to host it.  You can download it, or just listen in the embedded player above.