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Before I get to the heart of this post, let me follow up an earlier assertion with some numbers.  A few weeks ago, I drew a straight line comparison between Marshal Faulk’s first three years and the first three seasons of Joseph Addai.  Here’s some numbers to back up that claim.

Addai year one: 4.8 YPC, 8 total TDs, 1081 yards
Faulk year one: 4.1 YPC, 12 TDs, 1282 as the feature back.

Addai year two: 4.1 YPC 13 TDs, 1072 yards
Faulk year two: 3.7 YPC, 14 TD, 1078 yards

Addai year three: 3.5 YPC, 7 TD, 544 yards
Faulk year three: 3.0  YPC, 7 TD, 587 Yards

Now, there is one big difference.  Faulk had 164 catches in his first three years, and Addai has 106.  Still, those rushing and TD numbers are freakishly similar.  I don’t expect Addai to mimic the rest of Faulk’s career, but it’s important to show how a few line problems and nagging injuries can make even a Hall of Fame back (and the most dynamic player I’ve ever seen in blue and white) look utterly average.

The good news for Colts fans:  Faulk’s next two years in blue totaled 3700 yards from scrimmage.

A small business has asked for some help from us, and being fans of small business we are going to oblige.  Please note, we aren’t getting any kick back for this, so don’t groan.

There is a new Colts Browser available.  It turns your firefox browser (which I use) into a smorgasbord of Colts info.  It’s tied into and basically saves you a trip there.  It gives you instant access to  I’m using it right now.  Check it out.  It’s free and easy to install, so there’s no harm in trying it out.

A cool note on Jerry Hairston’s Jr’s connection to the Indianapolis Clowns.

Be kind to Willy Taveras?  NO WAY!  Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I was complaining about his signing from day one.  He’s Corey Patterson 2 “Dusty’s Revenge”.  It made no sense to sign him and less sense to give him a two year deal.  HE’S HORRIBLE!  I don’t blame Willy. I blame Jocketty for wasting money on him.

Lenny P says the Colts know how to generate new LBs.  I think we’ll see a big year out of Wheeler.  Looking forward to it.

I cite statistics and link to detailed articles, and I’m the ignorant one?  For the last time people, just because something happens in one game, doesn’t mean it always happens.  ST play can swing any given game.  Over the course of a season, it’s not nearly as important as people think.  Get a good a kicker who hits his FGs and booms the kickoffs, and that’ll set you up nicely.

Good luck, Rivet.  That’s an incredible story. They have a girl playing left field because without her, they couldn’t field a team.  Her brother begged her to play because he loves the game so much.  They are vying for a state title.  Amazing.

You haven’t lived until you’ve been to a South American soccer match that matters.1.jpg Last night, I attended the Copa Libertadores match where Estudiantes de La Plata advanced to the semi-finals.  The Liberators Cup is the South American equivalent of the UEFA Champions League.  They set fireworks off over the stadium with about 3 minutes remaining.  It was a spectacular.  My favorite sign this time said:

Tengo tu veneno en las venas
which translated reads:
I have your poison in my veins

That’s a great thing to say about your team!  You’ve poisoned me…you know, in a good way.  Check out the photos in the above link.  It was spectacular.

More on the Votto situation

For anyone who followed some of the Joe V Dom debate on SB, I solved part of the mystery about Dom’s numbers.  We were wondering why he had such a good YPC in the first half of games in 2008.  He hit nearly 4 YPC, in a total contrast to 2006 when he ran better in the second half.  The answer is:  small sample size. In fact, Dom had that one bruising run of 38 yards versus the Ravens in the first half.  It was the longest run play of the year for the Colts.  In his other 64 carries in the first half of games, he averaged only 3.4 YPC. In fact, that one run bumped his YPC for the year from 3.3 to 3.5.

FO says that Peyton is the most irreplaceable player in the NFL.  No question about that any more.  Matt Cassel forever answered that question.