Draft Dodging

18to88.com is participating in a couple of mock drafts right now.  The Colts’ slot hasn’t come up yet in either one, but we’ll let you know when our turn comes around.  The first is sponsored by a Browns site, Nologoneeded.com.  The second will be a re-run of the earlier mock draft on Nextseasonsports.com.  If you remember, I selected Knowshon Moreno the first time through, but doubted he would actually fall to Indy that low.

My strategy for mock drafts is simple:  I take the best player on the board.  If that player is a QB, I would most likely ‘trade’ out of that slot.  I laugh when I hear things like the “Colts are targeting Harvin” or any other player.  Polian is looking for value.  He’ll take the best player or trade out.  If it’s a running back, he’ll draft a running back.  It likely WON’T be a DT, because there is rarely real value there at the end of round 1.  Mostly though, I have no idea what Polian will do.  I hate the draft because it turns into to all talk and hand wringing.  Hell, we barely know what to think about guys we drafted two years ago, let alone this year. 

The Wigwam is in trouble.  My book is largely about this topic, but the slow death of high school basketball in Indiana makes me want to vomit.  Every man and woman who voted for multi-class basketball should be ashamed of themselves.

Here’s a lengthy recap of 88s time in Indy 

Coltscap.net has had a makeover.  The 2009 page is also updated.  Check out the topics for a breakdown of what Lilja’s deal means about his health and status with the club.

The entire nation should follow Mississippi’s lead.