Summer Stuff

Few random thoughts:

1.)  My two year old son thinks Ghost Busters is about a ghost named Buster.  

2.)  I’m loving everything coming out of Denver right now.  

3.)  Sammy Sosa is a joke.

4.)  Read the Silent Pagoda.  This blog would be wildly popular if it wasn’t about racing. 

5.)  Vague threat:  We should have a new podcast up the next week or so.  

6.)  I’ve been following the #IranElections *Loser Alert* on Twitter.  It seems to be a rare issue that brings together the very conservative and the ultra liberal.  

7.)  I’m thinking fourth MVP, second super bowl. 

8.)  Thanks to the wife’s permission:  A Joe Addai autographed photo now hangs next to Joe Addai Fathead in son’s room.  Soon to come:  A Dallas Clark autographed football. 

9.)  Now that you know our last name you might as well know that I really don’t like Mike Dunleavy of the Pacers.  (Have a signed hat and a jersey on the floor of my closet that family members have forced on me).

10.)  The domination of the Indiana High School All Stars over Kentucky has become laughable.

11.)  Ryan Leaf.  Enough said.

12.)  If you ever want to do mass emailing (and who doesn’t aspire to that?):  I highly recommend Constant Contact.

13.)  And this is why I’m fat

14.) “What did the pajamas look like?”  ”I don’t know – they were jammies! They had Yodas and sh*t on ‘em!”