Comeback Comeback

Inspired by this post on Stampede Blue, and the utter lack of anything to write about (because really, who wants to hear me whine about Dusty Baker sending Cordero back out to the mound after a rain delay last night), I’ve updated the list 18 Best 4th Quarter Wins in the Manning Era.  You can find it in the “Fixtures” side bar, which is where we keep all our pieces about Colts history.  I’m also slowly, working on adding to the 18 Best Games list.  There’s still an open competition there. If you want to fill in one of the blank spots, you can win an Official XLI Program.

The list of 4th quarter victories is chronological, and I imagine there might be some debate about my exclusion of the Houston game from this year.  The purpose of the list is to highlight games where Manning’s play made all the difference.  In that game, Manning did throw two TDs late, but it was the defense that brought the team back.  On that list, I relegated it to the Honorable Mention category, because I felt his play against Minnesota, Pittsburgh, and San Diego last year was more meritorious.  Feel free to disagree.

Coach Caldwell is in a no-win scenario…I disagree.  He could always, you know…win. I’m starting to really believe he will, too.

One of our all time favorite Hoosiers and Pike grad, Robert Vaden is coming in for a look with the Pacers.  His bloodless three to send the Hoosiers to round two to end the Davis era was wonderful.  I called Demond, waking him up just in time to catch it.

Good work by CHFF on YPA.  This is why it’s so significant that Manning’s dropped by nearly a half yard last year, and sat at 6.6 for a good chunk of the year.  The O line didn’t allow sacks, but they didn’t give him time to throw down the field either.  Manning needs to push the number back near 8 if the Colts are going to advance deep this year.  By the way, Manning is 12th all time in the stat…a half yard better than some other guy.  It’s also one of the reasons I’ve always respected this guy.

No big changes to the D? Color me thrilled. The D really hasn’t been the problem, at least not schematically.  I love the Cover-2.  I love not blitzing.  The Colts needed better DTs to effectively run the scheme, and they did that.  I for one was cringing over rumors of blitzes and aggressiveness.  As long as Freeney and Mathis are turned loose to rush the passer, the D will be fine.  Adding the DTs and a healthy MJax and Brackett will fix most of what ailed the D (which was better than the O in 08).  Big changes to the scheme are NOT necessary.

Demond Sanders:  Mullin seems to confuse a no-win situation with a difficult situation.  Jim Caldwell has a lot to prove and a lot to live up to, certainly a difficult task.  But if he manages to get to reclaim the division I think people will be seriously impressed, analysts and fans alike.  I know I will.  I can’t wait for the AFC South Revenge Tour II…