Colts/Texans in game blog


Brown and Moala are both inactive today.  DeVan is playing over Pollack.  All accounts are that the roof will be open.  Barf.


  • The Colts win the toss, and take the ball. Manning hits his first 5 passes in a row, but two passes to Collie fall incomplete (the second on third down was a flat drop).  The Colts were going for the gutless punt on 4th and 6 from the 37, when the Texans jumped offsides.  On fourth down, Manning threw a terrible ball to an open Addai.  Texans start at the 31.  Simply a terrible toss by #18.  Addai wasn’t super open, but the ball carried too far out of bounds.  Demond says Wayne was covered deep, and Clark may have been open.
  • The D comes out strong.  Freeny picks up the coverage sack to start the game.  Jennings hits Johnson for little gain.  On third and long, Powers saves a TD (so says Demond at the game) by tripping up Slaton on a screen.  The result is three and out for the Texans and Indy’s ball.
  • Manning is just picking them apart.  He’s dumping short on every throw, and the addition of Addai out in patterns is making all the difference.  79 yard drive ends with Manning hitting Kid Joe on 3rd and 4 for a 7 yard score.  7-0 Colts.  Manning might have 60 attempts today.
  • POWERS WITH THE PICK.  He couldn’t be playing better.  Colts ball at midfield.
  • Manning hits Garcon with a huge pass for 26 yards, and then he gets the Texans to jump offsides on consecutive plays.  It set the Colts up with first and goal from the 4, but a negative run (LB untouched up the middle), a drop? on a pass behind Addai, and a one yard screen pass to Wayne (Collie had OPI on the play but was waived off).  Field goal gives the Colts a 10-0 lead.  This reminds me of the game in Houston last year where the Colts dominated early, but the Texans scored a bunch of points in the middle of the game.
  • We see the first vestiges of slipping from the kick coverage team as Cody Glenn (formerly of the practice squad until this week) picks up a 15 yard penalty on the coverage.  The D more than holds its own.  Two runs, a false start (thanks crowd noise!) and Freeney forces a third down scramble.  That’s two three and outs and a pick for the Colts D.  Can’t ask for more than that.
  • Colts are driving to end the quarter.  26 passes, 5 runs.  And the offense is moving the ball with ease.  So there you go.


  • The Texans help the Colts with a couple of bad penalties, but the drive eventually stalls, and the Colts settle for 3.  Colts 13-0.  The lack of a real run game may be starting to catch up to Indy in the redzone.  The team just isn’t converting in close the way the did early in the year.  Manning can’t be happy with that.
  • Glenn atones for his earlier penalty with a HUGE stick inside the 20 on the kick off.  Houston is (was at least before they lost Owens) a good offensive team.  Well, at least they could pass.  Today, they can’t do anything.  Freeney and Mathis sack Schaub on 3rd down, and the Texans punt AGAIN.  Incredible performance by one of the best defenses in football.  It’s time to get a touch down and put this game away. 
  • The Colts drive stalls as Addai is swarmed under on third and 1 from the 40.  He got hit 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage for a loss.  He had no chance to even make a move.  This team can’t run block even a little bit.  Not even a little.  They punt on fourth and four. 
  • The Texans go to the ground game and generate some first downs, and Johnson helps them out with a facemask penalty.  It takes them just four plays to get past where the Colts punted from.  The Texans get down inside the 35, and go for it on fourth and 1, by throwing to Andre Johnson. The Texans drive down near the goal line, but Moats fumbles.  Jerraud Powers makes a crazy smart play to reestablish himself in bounds.  After review, the ball is ruled to be a fumble, recovered in the endzone.  Colts ball.  Wow.  Houston was threatening to get back in the game, but the turnover saves the 13 point lead.
  • The Colts get bailed out after three straight incomplete passes to Clark.  Dallas gets popped on third down and drops the ball.  The Texan is called for a personal foul.  Manning drives them deep into Houston territory before throwing an awful pick.  The Texans run it back to midfield, and now threaten to score.  They have the dreaded “two for none” working. They could have the lead before the Colts ever see the ball again.
  • The D does a credible job, only allowing 12 yards.  The Texans started at the 50, so it was enough for a 56 yards FG attempt.  His first attempt was blocked, but the Colts called timeout first.  That’s never a move that makes sense.  Why let him practice?  Stupid, stupid move by Caldwell.  Brown hits the kick on the second attempt.  13-3 Colts.


Manning has already thrown the ball 40 times for just 6 yards a throw.  That’s not a recipe for success. The defense was incredible, and Indy leads by 10, but this was a deeply frustrating half.  The Colts should be up by 20 at least.  They have to find a way to run the ball in the second half.


  • The Colts didn’t put them away when they had the chance, and now the Texans are back in the game.  The key play on the drive was Schaub escaping Mathis on third and 7 and scrambling for 19 yards.  It was close to being a sack and a punt, but instead went the other way.  The Texans wound up down on the goal line and scored easily.  13-10 Colts.  Game on.  Nightmare:  continuing.
  • The Texans continue to self destruct.  This time a stupid personal foul after the kick off set up the Colts at the 45 yard line.  The Colts don’t take advantage, however, as they elect to punt on fourth and one with a three and out.  No sooner do I praise Caldwell this week, than he shows up with an AWFUL game.  Tons of punts on fourth and short, a stupid decision to take the ball in the first quarter, and an inexcusable time out on the field goal attempt.  He’s coached this game to lose it.  Terrible job.
  • A moronic blitz on 3rd and 5 gives the Texans a big play.  They pass the 46 in just three plays.  The Colts brought the house and didn’t come close to reaching Schaub.  The Texans convert two more third and mediums on the drive.  They now face third and goal from the half yard line as the third quarter ends.
  • Indy has punted on 4th and 3 from the 39 and 4th and 1 from the 45.  They are on the verge of trailing 17-13 (barring a miracle stop).  Manning is going to need another fourth quarter comeback if the Horse hopes to pull one out today.


  • Touchdown Texans.  17-13.  Betcha wish you had that stupid punt back, Jim.
  • WTF?  Wayne throws a flanker pass which is picked off.  Awful throw.  What was Wayne thinking?  He threw a duck.  Hard to kill the call after it worked with Addai last week, but that throw was insanely bad.  Indy is in serious trouble.
  • HUGE stand by the D.  Jennings drops a potential pick six, but the D holds in three plays.  Colts survive the stupid pick, and get the ball near the 40.
  • Joe Addai carries the Colts downfield and into the endzone.  The Horse finally finds some running plays, and Addai delivers on third and goal from the one.  He got hit in the backfield (again), but danced his way to the go ahead score.  20-17 Colts.  It’s time for the D to make another stand.  It’s Freeney and Mathis time!
  • Another huge third down conversion for the Texans as Jennings falls down to get the drive going.  A holding call and a brilliant play by Foster forced another huge third down, which Schaub converts again for 20 plus yards to Johnson.  This time the blitz saves the day, however, as Brackett hits Schaub as he throws and Session picks it off.  Colts ball with 2:14 to play. The Texans have 2 timeouts, so one first down will win the game.
  • The O Line collapses at the wrong time.  A two yard run, a false start, and a sack fumble (mercifully recovered by Diem) took the clock down to the two minute warning.  Addai does his best on third and long, but Houston will get the ball with 1:40 and change and no timeouts.  McAfee puts it down around the 15.  The D needs to hang on one more time.
  • The D plays soft, and the Texans make it out near midfield, but use a minute to do it.  Schaub makes a miracle completion to avoid the sack, and the Texans pick up yet another big third down.  The Texans get the ball down to the 25 with just :01 to go. 






Colts/Texans In Game blog

With Demond escorting his wife, Dontrell, and my sister to the game today, it falls upon me to blog this game. For those who care, we will be trying to do our final regular season 18 Plays tonight. We’ll talk some about today’s game, and some about last week’s tilt.

My opinion of the “Manning’s Mind” commercial is changing. I found it weird and annoying for most of the season, but I’ve heard multiple people reference it when describing what QBs are thinking. I’ve joked about it myself on 18 Plays. I don’t know how useful it is for selling cell phones, but it may be one of those long remembered ads that gets referenced for for some time.

This interview with Belichick is bizarre. Grilling him over a fist pump? Seriously, Armen?

Even after flaming out in the league, I’m still alive in my other league, and playing the #1 seed. He has Wayne and Clark. I have Gonzo. I like my chances. I imagine AG will play the whole game no matter what. Reggie? I’m not so sure.

Did I just hear that Thomas isn’t even playing? HA. Is Cory Simon available?

  • The LBs didn’t hold the gaps well on that drive. I think we are going to give up 40+ today. There are just too many players out.
  • Don’t be surprised if this is Manning’s only drive of the game. I don’t think the team is going to take this one very seriously.
  • Gotta love when your starting DE fields a KO. Can you imagine Freeney returning kicks?
  • Colts season ticket holders had to pay for 10 games this year. They got exactly 6 meaningful ones. Of those 6, 3 were close and 3 were blowouts. That’s 3 good games for the price of 10.
  • Hey, the stretch play is back! It’s been a while.
  • It’s good to see the Colts running on downs other than first and 10. They are also running wide more than they did last week. A bad throw by Manning kills the drive, but it was still a good drive for rhythm’s sake.
  • The D was much more disciplined this time through and forced a punt. It’ll be interesting to see if Peyton plays beyond this quarter.
  • Addai stops our hearts but looks fine. That last sentence was seriously gay sounding. It might influence how long guys play today.
  • Run game? Fine. Check.
  • Sweet pass to Reggie to end the quarter. I think we’ve seen enough to feel good about the offense. Let’s finish this drive and pack it in.


  • KEITH CATCHES A BALL. That’s tomorrow’s headline in the Star.
  • Kid Joe comes back just long enough to score. Boo yah. Seriously. Let’s call it a week.
  • From the little I can see, I think this stays a catch. They haven’t showed a slo mo yet, but it looked like it just grazed the ground while under Daniel’s possession. Yup, I’m right.
  • Big drop by Daniels (nice hands, big man). Houston should go for it. Why? Why not. Doesn’t hurt anything long term, and says to the Colts that you’re game.
  • Rushing calls another FC inside the 10. Seriously man. Plant your feet at the 10 and DON’T MOVE BACKWARDS.
  • Wonderful. I love watching Manning get sacked and personal fouled (is that a verb). I’m for pulling the starters.
  • That throw to Utech was sick. I think Manning wants 4000 yards for the season. He’s got 143 so far, so he needs about 200 more in the next week and a half.
  • Great RAC by Clark. Again, everything I write today sounds vaguely dirty.
  • So much for my hopes that AG would outpace Clark and Wayne. At least I have AV. That’s good for an extra point.
  • A stupid penalty erases a good special teams stop. Gotta love it.
  • Sage Rosenfelds just got his brain eaten.
  • Manning is soooo sharp today. He missed a pass in the first quarter for a first down, and it’s like he’s pissed about it.
  • Manning nails my fantasy coffin shut with another TD to Clark. This team looks amazing right now.
  • Peyton hits 30 TD passes again. He is now less than 200 yards from 4000. Seems like he’s intent on getting it.
  • Tony is UPSET about the Jackson PF call. I can’t wait to see what happens with that this week.
  • The D plays with great pride and picks up MJax. The Zombie makes a big hit and the Texans wuss out by punting. Seriously, how about trying to win?
  • Meanwhile around the league: Cleveland is not a good team. Don’t be fooled. They are one dimensional, and that dimension won’t work in January.
  • Ok, I’m putting this blog to bed. If the starters come out and play in the 2nd half, I’ll write more. If not, I’m done.


  • Yikes, we are still rolling with the starters. I guess they just really want to be ready. This feels like a statement game. It also feels like Manning is a lock for 4000. He only needs 98 more yards. He might get it today at this rate.
  • Geeze, running the end around to Clark is high comedy. It’s like Peyton is intent on destroying my fantasy season.
  • Many congrats to Clifton Dawson. This team looks simply awesome right now.
  • It seems like there have been major substitutions on defense. I think we’ve officially entered garbage time.
  • Nice play by Sessions. I love the comment that the Texans are more competitive when they have balance. I think they are more competitive when Bob Sanders isn’t in the game. As I type this Giordano gets another pick. High comedy ensues here in Nap town.
  • Manning is still in? I guess this is just a glorified practice anyway. Still, it’s nice to watch the run game flourish.
  • TD Wayne. Yawn. Ok. That’s it. Please?

Well, I think we are all proud and amazed by this team today. The defense could have just folded up tent, but they never did. Guys played with serious verve and passion. The offense was sharp in all phases. In short, this was as complete and dominant a win as I’ve seen from this team. Good job boys.