Just a short note to encourage you to check out the newest entry to the Classic Colts.

Marcus Pollard has been nominated by about half our readers, and we were waiting for him either to retire, or at least assure us that his stint with the Patriots wouldn’t end in misery.  I haven’t heard that he’s officially done, but he’s 36 now, so I’m guessing we’ve waited long enough.

Congrats, Marcus.  By the way, the photo in the entry is one I have on the wall of my office.  It’s autographed and says, “I’m a very talented TE, Marcus Pollard”.  Thanks again to Demond for waiting in line at the Colts pro shop for that about 10 years ago.  I also have an autographed shirt by Pollard on my wall.

 If you have any memories or thoughts about Pollard, leave your comments on his page.

By the way, the main page for the Classic Colts is the source of the much quoted rule that several brought up yesterday:

Rules for
Being a Classic Colt 

  1. Player
    must play at least five years for the Indianapolis Colts.
     Baltimore doesn’t want us, and guess what…we don’t want them

Marvez talks to Peyton about all the changes.

DZ participates in an MVN roundtable on what the Colts have to do to contend next year.  Our enthusiasm is low for next year to be honest.  The danger signs are everywhere, but for now, we’ll try to stay optimistic.

More Manning bros at the Pro Bowl