By popular demand

We are extending the Best Games in Colts History list to 18.  And wait, there’s more!  Because I’m incredibly lazy, I don’t want to do the additional game write ups.  Though I will eventually make sure the list is filled out, for now I’m opening it up to the readers to finish.

Here are the rules:
1.  Mind the form.  As you can see from the previous entries, I like a concise summary of the game, complete with a Hero of the game, and an interesting ‘factoid’.

2.  If multiple readers submit entries for the same game, I pick the one I like the best.

3.  If you get an entry selected, you win a copy of the Official Super Bowl XLI program.  We’ll need you to send along your name and address so we can mail it to you.  You will be credited in the article as well.

4. Submit all entries to 

Currently, we need write-ups of the following games (by year):
Colts at Steelers
Colts at Vikings
Colts at Chargers

Colts at Jets

Colts at Dolphins
49ers at Colts

Redskins at Colts