This insane looking horse, which some locals have dubbed “Bluecifer” greets visitors to the Denver International Airport.  It killed the artist who created it and generally scares the pants off of Denver-ites.  Two thoughts on this hell-beast:  

1.)  How on earth did we get stuck with Blue as our mascot?

2.)  I’m officially nominating Bluecifer to be official steed of Bob “The Zombie” Sanders.

A few random 2009 Pro Bowl thoughts: 

1.)  Great to see Mathis and Freeney cause havoc. 

2.)  Manning was a very effective 12 for 17 for 151 yards with a score. 

3.)  A trend continued:  Peyton underthrew Brandon Marshall for what would have been a deep touchdown.  They later scored on the drive, but look for Manning to work on his throwing arm in the offseason.  With six months to get back to normal strength, he will be even better in 2009.

4.)  Just before the half Manning hit Marshall in the hands on fourth and goal from the one for what should have been a touchdown.  If Marshall catches that ball the AFC most likely wins the game.

5.)  Kerry Collins looked like a hack, throwing a pick and fumbling twice. 

6.)  Jay Cutler was even worse.

7.)  Reggie Wayne had a decent game (4 for 45), but pretty much everyone was upstaged by Larry Fitzgerald (5 for 81, 2 TDs).  Great player.