Back to the Future

I know many were forecasting the Colts to take a wide receiver today, but I for one am glad that didn’t happen.  It was popular opinion that the Colts needed a third receiver to replace Marvin Harrison.  Instead, the selection of Donald Brown returns the Colts to the days of the 2006 Super Bowl winning offense.  The top 9 pass catchers on that team were:  Harrison, Wayne, Addai, Utech (TE), Rhodes, Clark (TE), Fletcher (TE) and finally Stokley and Morehead with only 8 a piece.

Last year, the Colts drafted 2 new TEs and brought in Gijon Robinson. Tom Moore’s philosophy is to put his best 11 players on the field at once, which is wise, but it made the 2008 Colts too predictable.  The best 11 included three wideouts, which makes it more difficult to run the ball and easier for the D to read pass. 

Now, with the addition of Brown and an additional year for the TE core, the Colts can go back to a balanced two back attack from a two TE set.  If Moore wants to put a man in the slot, he can always split Clark out wide or even put Addai in the pattern (ala the Titans game at the end of this year).  Either way, he doesn’t have to make a massive personnel shift to do so.

The bottom line is that a wideout would not have contributed heavily in 2009, whereas it is reasonable to see Brown in the Joe Addai role from 2006.  The offensive line still has to gel in order for the whole mix to work, but having the extra TE in on every play coupled with the fact that the D won’t be able to identify intent from the formation as often is bound to help.

There is now a lot of pressure on #11 to make the leap.  He needs to become an 1000 yard, 8-10 TD #2 WR immediately.  I think everyone expects Gonzo to be up to the challenge. 

By the way, the 2006 Colts scored 427 points…50 more than the 2008 Colts.

I can’t wait.

On an unrelated note, in day two I think we can expect at least two CBs to be taken, as well as a LB and a punter.

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Kravitz thinks this is about Addai.  Again, I know Polian wasn’t happy Addai didn’t get the first down on second down in San Diego, but I’m the biggest Addai fan there is, and even I wanted them to take a second back.  Most of the article is fairly balanced, but the headline and tag line are meant to incite a “story line” and generate talk radio buzz.  Next year, when the line plays better Addai will again get 1000 yards, and everyone will talk about how its because he was pushed by Brown.  It will be wrong.  Just remember that.