Around the Horn

We have been hard at work behind the scenes of today, and hope to have some really great stuff ready for early next week.  As for now, indulge my sloth and enjoy some links.

Danny Granger is amazing.  As bleak as things seem for the Pacers, they may be only one star away from being a seriously tough team.  Too bad stars are hard to come by.

Pasquareli looks at old WRs.  Guess who the cover guy is?  Yeah, you know it.

The Outsiders look at the AFC South.  Finally, someone who gets what the Colts do and why.

Kuharsky says that when it comes to drafting wideouts, no one does it better than Indy.

The team may still want to start Willy Taveras, but this is a good reason to show up at the park.

Oesher looks at Polian’s words on DTs.  Let me be clear…I think he’ll draft Jerry if he’s there.  I just don’t think there’s any chance he lasts…no matter what the mock drafts say.

Peyton’s 9th underrated game...the duel with Favre.  What a classic.

Demond Sanders:  Total mind blower.

DZ Adds: I don’t want to make a post out of it, but it’s time to worry about the tourney.  All the promise of “better games” in the sweet 16 because of all the first round chalk is up in smoke.  It’s now the Elite 8, and we have 4 #1s, 2 #2s and 2 #3s.  There were just 2 good games of the 8 (MSU and Pitt winning by 5).  The other games were decided by 39, 12, 11, 22, 22, and 23 points.  This troubles me.  Everyone said that the lack of close games and upsets in the first two rounds meant the next two would be great ‘cream of the crop’ games.  So far it hasn’t happened.  All we’ve had is more boring chalky blowouts.