Among the Best…

I’ve updated the Best Games in Indianapolis Colts History list.  It was obviously difficult to just pick one game this year, but I think the win at Houston was the best of them all.  It relied so heavily on Freeney, Mathis, and Manning.  It was a comeback from a huge deficit.  It was so utterly improbable that it basically summed up the entire season. The list is in the Fixtures sidebar.

As for the other big wins (Pittsburgh, Minnesota, San Diego, New England, Jacksonville), I’ll be adding those to the list of Manning Fourth Quarter wins soon.

Also, don’t forget, the contest to fill out game recaps in the “Important Wins” list is still open.  There are still two games that need summaries.  Do one, and you get an official game program from Super Bowl XLI.  Email entries to  There are still three games available.  Check the list and pick one you like.

CHFF manages to recap the Colts season without some snarky line about Peyton.  I’m glad they finally figured out how bad the Colts running game was.

Tony makes PKs “Good Guy of the Week”