All Smiles


Congrats, Edge.  We are all pulling for you.  I hope you get that ring.

As for the second game, all I can say is that I’m glad something made sense this season.  I’ve been saying for three months that I thought Pittsburgh had the best team in the NFL.  They were better all day than Baltimore. They lost four games all year, and all were tough, close losses to good teams. 

As for another Colts connection, Mike Tomlin just became the third African-American head coach to take a team to the Super Bowl.  One was Tony, and the other two were his assistants.  He has permanently changed the image of what a successful NFL head coach looks like.  Thanks again, Tony.

Via Kuharsky, two more Dungy pieces. One says that Tampa effed up, the other says that everyone respects Tony.  We pretty much knew that already.