18to88 in the news

Well, it’s sort of a cheap way to introduce links, but I’m wrapping up Tony Dungy’s book Uncommon and will be publishing a review of it soon (re: tomorrow, I hope).  So for now, content yourselves with a couple of meager connections to other, more interesting sites.  18to88.com was named one of the top fan sites by Football Outsiders readers.  We finished second overall, and our buddies at Stampede Blue also did well.  Thanks to everyone who voted.  I can’t believe you all picked up on all my hints!

Both Shake and I participated in a mock draft.  My pick was actually fabulously easy as Knowshon Moreno fell to the Colts at 27.  I’m not saying we are likely to draft a back, but let’s be serious.  If a talent like that was miraculously available…you take him.

Caldwell is ready to win now

ARod was smart…to confess.  If Bonds, McGwire, and Clemens had just done what ARod did, this whole mess would be over.  It’s better to just tell the truth.  People forgive anything but lying in this country.