10 Things I think I forgot..

I have a full, busy life.  I have a pregnant wife and kids.  I have a demanding job that forces me to spend most of the day thinking in Spanish, and causes me to live 10,000 miles from ‘home’.  I’m trying to write a book and work my way through the entire series of the original Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rodgers.  I can’t remember everything.  Here’s some things that have slipped my mind recently:

1.  I forgot how great it is to watch Mathis and Freeney.  They put on a show at the Pro Bowl last night, and it made the train wreck that was this season all the harder to stomach.  Moreover, it makes me sick that the Giants are still wearing the rings the 2007 Colts would have owned if Freeney doesn’t jack his foot.  It makes me feel a lot better about next year.  In some ways, 2008 shouldn’t be repeatable.  A team with no line, secondary injuries and a total inability to run the ball shouldn’t ever win 12 games.  But now I realize that a team that gets a great pass rush from its two DEs and has superior QB play WILL be in contention to beat most average/bad teams.  If the 2008 Colts had even had a mediocre run game (instead of the next to worst in football), they could have won it all.  Sigh.

2.  I forget where I put my keys.  Almost every damn day.  Right now, my college roommate is laughing his ass off because almost 15 years have passed since we lived together, and nothing has changed.

3.  I forgot how weird and petty people can be.  I shouldn’t link to this article at all, but they put another link to us on their main page, so I will.  It’s a weird, petty look at Manning and Harrison in the Pro Bowl.  Apparently, making the Pro Bowl is a bad thing over at CHFF.  I’m not sure why.  I get the feeling they are humiliated for their classic pick of Chad Pennington for MVP and for the complete beating they took for itThen 18to88 kicked their ass all over the lot for their Manning v Warner piece.  Anyway, they are sick of 18to88 making them look like fools and are taking it out on 18 and 88.  Whatever.

4.  I forget everyone I’m supposed to call today.  Some friends/co-workers just moved down to Argentina.  It’s totally amazing, but since they don’t have phone service yet, I’m responsible for making all necessary phone calls for them.  I didn’t make a list, and now I can’t remember who I’m supposed to call.  32 is the new 74.

5.  I forgot how utterly identical Manning and Brady have become in the past few seasons.  Here’s a fascinating little piece.

6.  I forgot how hilarious my brother is.  Why doesn’t he post more often?  He should have plenty of time, he doesn’t even watch Battlestar Galactica (new or old)!

7. I forgot how much I hate mascots.  Great link from FO

8. I forgot why people read Peter King.  Oh sure, he’s clownish, but he does have good quotes too:
Roethlisberger is an interesting case. I’ve asked other quarterbacks — Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Tom Brady — about big plays and big drives, and they remember tiny details. They’re like Tiger Woods
going shot-by-shot on a Thursday round (particularly Peyton), able to
tell you why he went with the three-iron instead of the four-, 278
yards out from the tall grass on the seventh hole. Not Ben. “I don’t
remember a lot of the plays from that drive,” he said. “I just don’t
remember things in great detail like that.” So some of this was
pulling teeth, but the insight was good.

I don’t know why I found that so interesting, but I did. The whole piece sort of subtly reinforces the idea that the line between greatness and goat is razor thin.  Roethlisberger is a great QB, but he could just as easily be viewed as a clown today.    

9.  I forgot that Valentine’s Day was Saturday, and inadvertently scheduled a friend’s bachelor party for that night.  Yeah, I’m a real popular guy right now.

10.  Apparently, I also forgot how to structure a decent blog post without resorting to gimmicks.  Sue me.  I have a lot going on.  It’s a miracle I remembered to post at all.

Links (right, I get that all the others were links too)
FO says that Bullitt was great against the run.  It’s an insider article.

Darrell Reid was guilty of being loud and black.  In Indy, that can get you arrested, but not charged.  That’s twice now that a Colt was arrested by IPD only to have charges not even be filed.  Indy isn’t an easy town to be a young black kid.  Apparently, this young man got nationally humiliated because he was a little loud at a nightclub.  Classic.