Vince Young’s mom asks everyone to pray for Fitzy

Thanks to CHFF for that link and this one.

Kravtiz is fair.

Phil B’s piece on rookie Jamey Richards is nice, but if he played so well, why is Saturday trying to comeback 9 weeks early? Richards was destroyed on the Dom run of 4th down. It wasn’t all rainbows and ponies on Sunday night.

Michael Lombardi (yes, that Michael Lombardi) likes the Colts this week because:

The one thing I have learned during my 23-year NFL career is when a great quarterback plays bad, he rarely plays bad two weeks in a row.

Uh, Mike…Manning didn’t play bad in week one. So if that’s your only reason…we are in trouble.

Don Banks says the Colts are desperate to not go 0-2.

Eyes is coming late tonight or early tomorrow.

Demond Sanders: Poor Fitzy. Can you imagine losing the Super Bowl that way and then losing your qb in the first game the next season? That is unreal. I feel bad for everyone involved, with the exception of BB. The Colts may be staring down the barrel of a gun, but things are nowhere near that bad. (Although I retain the right to feel differently if we lose on Sunday.)