Titans – Chargers Notes

1.) The Chargers look out of sorts. The Titans are playing loose and just pounding the ball. If the Chargers stack the line and force Young to throw they should be fine. Losing Scaife and Williams has to effect this game eventually.

2.) Big gain by Chris Chambers. The Chargers and Rivers are finally in rhythm. Miami should trade a couple more valuable receivers within their own conference.

3.) Rivers loves to throw. Overthrow, underthrow, just as long as he’s throwing. He should have a fun time in the Dome next week.

4.) Before the game I told my wife that I would be surprised if the Titans scored more than 6 offensive points. I may still be right, but at this rate 6 might be enough to win.

5.) Rivers throws a horrible pick. It took 2 or 3 wobblers, but he finally threw the pick. I genuinely fear this game will end 3-0.

6.) There is a huge swing at stake for the Patriots here. Will they play a banged up, one-dimensional team led by Vince Young? Or a team whose second best Running Back is Fred Taylor?

7.) This feels a lot like the NFL’s soon-to-be-annual Rookies vs. Sophomores game.

8.) Antonio Gates appears to have suffered a serious lower leg/foot injury. Tough loss for a Chargers team that is struggling for offense. Great player. San Diego misses a 45 yarder. They need a turnover in the worst way.

9.) Titans lead 6-0 at the half. Unbelievable. A win by the Titans would essentially grant New England a free pass to the AFC Championship game. It would also force the Colts to beat a rival three times in a season. Fun.

10.) Chargers need to start the half with a drive for points. They are 7-1 at home this season, but they are on the brink of another crippling playoff loss. A 34 yard gain to Vincent Jackson sets up a field goal. The blocking for LT has been atrocious. Titans lead 6-3.

11.) Wow. The Charger fans must be dying right now. This game shows the importance of good coaching. Norv Turner versus Jeff Fisher was not a fair matchup. Fisher has forced Philip Rivers to win the game, and that strategy is a winning one thus far.

12.) LT looks slow. It’s kind of creeping me out. It’s like they stuck his slower older brother, FraDanian out there. Footing may not be great on the field, much like when the Colts played them earlier this year. Huge personal foul on Albert Haynesworth. Bad call. TOUCHDOWN. Vincent Jackson is doing it all. Chargers lead 10-6.

13.) Titans are averaging 3.7 yards per carry heading into the fourth quarter. That number needs to soar in a hurry if they are going to steal this game. Rain is pouring down and the Titans’ Rob Bironas pushes his kick wide left. HUGE.

14.) The Chargers get a much needed drive. Rivers has it going just enough to win this game. The Chargers face a 4th and goal from inside the one and will go for it. This is the ball game. TOUCHDOWN LT! Awesome play. Jumped about 10 feet in the air and didn’t make it. His second effort gets him over for the score. That should do it for San Diego. We’ll see them a week from today. Upset-minded Jacksonville will head to New England.

Deshawn Zombie comments: I don’t know for sure that Jax is much better than San Diego, but here’s why I wanted the Chargers first: for all the talk about the Chargers ‘past success’ against the Colts at RCA, no one seems to mention that that was with a different (better) QB. Phil Rivers has never had to call plays in the thunder of RCA. So, do I want a team that can run the ball, has a shaky QB and an idiot coach who plays in RCA every year, or do I want a team that can run the ball, has a shaky QB and an idiot coach who have never dealt with the noise. Um, I like option B. I also think the Chargers did nothing to instill confidence in Norv. LT looked like he was ready to choke him most of the day. If the Colts get up 10 early, this could turn into another Denver massacre. That team WANTS to quit on their coach.