Those Stripes Soaked CleanThrough to the Brain

Apparently the Bengals have lost their minds. After the ‘Skins offered 1st and 3rd (which could become a first) for Chad Johnson, the Bengals said…


Listen, that’s a serious offer. Marshal Faulk only scored a second round pick. Right now at that price, I would potentially trade every player on the Colts roster for that with the following exceptions:
Manning, (duh)
Ugoh, (they basically paid a first and a second for him)
Sanders (duh)

You could argue that Chad Johnson is as good as Reggie Wayne (you’d be seriously mistaken, but you could say that), but when you throw in the fact that: 1. he doesn’t want to be in Cincy 2. he’s a head case and 3. you’d be trading him out of your conference, it seems like a obvious move. I think this team just got offered a motherload to take a headache off their hands and now they want to be too proud/macho to take it.

Baaad move, Bengals.