This just in…

Joe Addai is likely out for this week. Kelvin Hayden is probably coming back this season.

This information is courtesy of Phil B Wilson
, who is johnny on the spot. I’d usually just make this a link instead of a separate post, but it’s pretty news. It’s great about Hayden, but I’d feel a lot better about Sunday if Addai was going to be playing. His totals have been weak, but his play has been great. He’s had zero running room this season, but always seems to makes something out of nothing. He’ll be missed. At least we don’t have to run KSquared out there again.
Update: Now they are saying Joe Addai is out up to a month. Lovely.
Great piece by Cold Hard Football Facts showing that you throw to win
You never want to have to back your coach 6 games in if you are an AD.
SI ranks the Luke 6th over all. The survey is crap. The J-Hole finished 5th overall and first in accessibility. No freaking way. It’s at least a 25 minute walk from any of the parking to that giant bowl. People were on crack when they filled out those surveys.
Peyton says the knee is a non-issue, and is as tired of talking about it as we are of hearing about it.
Prisco thinks the Colts will still win the South