The Eyes of Texas

Here’s this week’s entry of Eyes in the Backfield. It contains my two favorite stats for people who are freaking out over the 08 Colts (highlighted in red)…
So things haven’t exactly gone according to plan, but with the bulk of the season still in front of them, the Colts look to rebound from the gut check loss to the Jags, by taking on the winless Texans. Houston was a preseason darling of a lot of people, but were blown out by the Steelers in week 1, and it only got worse from there. Indy needs a win badly, and if things go well, here’s what you’ll see:

1. Watch for points. The Colts have had a healthy bye week just in time to gain rhythm and players back healthy. The Texans showed an ability to move the ball last week. This should be a high scoring affair. Indy has scored 39 points in their last 30 minutes of Time of Possession. The Colts defense has only allowed 3 touchdowns through three games, but the offense has ‘helped’ out by allowing 16 defensive points of their own. One way or another, the Colts O is scoring points.
2. Watch for Mike Pollack. The second round pick was slated to be a starter at guard this season, but a knee injury has kept Howard Mudd scrambling to fill his spot. Together with the return of Tony Ugoh, the Colts line is as healthy as it has been in some time (though it is still missing Ryan Lilja).
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This joke just isn’t funny (to me). It’s hilarious to everyone else in the world.
Friday morning at O’Hare Airport, a voice came over the p.a. system, puzzling many passengers: “Paging Kosuke Fukudome, paging Kosuke Fukudome … Please report to the Cincinnati Reds. You have been traded for a player to be named later.” Some of the passengers waiting for flights laughed; others cringed.
Oh no. Please no, never.
WHAT?!? I just found out that I’m screwed. The Brighthouse pissing match with WISH just hit home for me 10,000 miles away. My friend with the slingbox? Guess which cable company he has. SUCK! At least they are going to air the radio play by play. Fun times. Ok, Bob Lamey! It’s me and you tomorrow, bud.

This is an appropriate metaphor for the 2008 Cubs. Spend a long time building them, then shake them up and watch them disappear. Thanks to Ruth Ann for the link.