The Best Piece Bob Kravitz Has Ever Written

It requires little explanation because it speaks for itself.  We kill Bob when he’s wrong, but I can’t see that there is another side to this issue.  The arguments are clear, self explanatory and impossible to argue against.

The ISHAA Football Championship games MUST be played at The Luke for a reasonable price.

This isn’t a private stadium, it’s mostly publicly funded.  I know it’s an expensive place to run, but cutting the ISHAA a $100,000 a year break isn’t going to sink the deal. 

Find the money.

Phil B writes about the “Anti-Gardner”.  He was correct about his assessment of Session early this season.  He wasn’t maintaining his gaps and played undisciplined football.  For the past 8 weeks, however, he’s been a force for good on the defense.  He proved he could do what GG never did…learn to play smart, not just hard.

Two different pieces of information come to us today which make us question the strength of the Manning for MVP argument and the sanity of people who vote.

The first is this list from (an online betting site).  It’s the odds for the MVP award:

Who will be the 2008 Regular Season NFL MVP?

Kurt Warner (ARI)                      6/5       

Adrian Peterson (MIN)                6/5

Jay Cutler (DEN)                        15/2     

Kerry Collins (TEN)                    10/1

Peyton Manning (IND)                10/1

Eli Manning (NYG)                     15/1

James Harrison (PIT)                  15/1

Brett Favre (NYJ)                       20/1

Drew Brees (NO)                        20/1

Matt Cassel (NE)                       25/1

Tony Romo (DAL)                      30/1

DeAngelo Williams (CAR)           30/1

Michael Turner (ATL)                  50/1

Joey Porter (MIA)                       50/1

The second is this MVP vote list put together by ESPN’s division bloggers :

1. Kurt Warner 32 (5)
2. Eli Manning 19 (1)
3. Drew Brees 16
4. Adrian Peterson 14 (1)
5. Michael Turner 9 (1)
6. Troy Polamalu 6
7. Albert Haynesworth 5
8. Brett Favre 4
9t. Jay Cutler 3
9t. Peyton Manning 3
9t. Clinton Portis 3
9t. Chad Pennington 3
13. James Harrison 2
14. DeMarcus Ware 1

Manning fares much worse on both lists than I can imagine, and Kurt Warner still seems to have a lot of support, a fact which boggles the mind.

Kuharsky also comments on the strength of the Colts D.

Demond Sanders:  Wow.  The second list is stunning.  So full of rage right now.  Favre has 20 TDs and 15 picks.  He has fewer wins, but one more vote?  What the hell?