The biggest non-story…

I have to tell you folks, I knew it all along. I don’t claim to know what was really going on with Tony’s son and the Tampa high school. I don’t know Tony nor any of his family or confidants. I just didn’t seem like he was done. All year, he’s seemed energized and enthused. It seemed like if he walked away after this year, he’d just be coming back later on in his life, and I don’t think that’s what he wants. I’m sure Tony really did take time to evaluate his life like he said, and I’m not questioning the very real process of prayer that he and his family engaged in. I’m just saying, it wasn’t time yet. Had the story of his son not broken in the Tampa papers, I have a feeling this press conference would have had about the same footnote feel that last year’s did. Sometimes, a little information is worse than none at all, ask yahoo sports or whatever internet jackhole it was who tried and put 2 and 2 together and read Caldwell’s decision to not pursue other jobs as an indication that Tony was done.

I believe that Tony Dungy is one of the top three coaches in football. I’ve seen him beat some of the best coaches around, and only put Belichick and Fisher on his level. I believe he’s a sure fire Hall of Famer some day. I believe that he is the single best coach to coach this particular team.

I’m glad he’s coming back.

Now let’s get about the business of winning another ring. That’s how you go out.

Lenny P weighs in saying that Tony is good for the NFL.

John Clayton expects a similar kind of effort from Tony as he gave this year.

In other news, Peyton gives some advice to Eli.

And…hope springs eternal