Summing up the Jags

Rarely has a writer ever done quite so nice a job of unintentionally summing up the hilarity that is the Jacksonville Jaguars as John Czarnecki. The premise of his piece is that the Jags are vying to attain supremacy over the Colts in the South. In it he states:

To compete with and possibly derail the Colts, the Jaguars did three things in the offseason. They signed former Raiders receiver Jerry Porter to compensate for the loss of steady receiver Ernest Wilford, who signed with the Dolphins. They traded for Minnesota’s first-round bust, receiver Troy Williamson, to add to their inconsistent receiving corps. Finally, already armed with a group of pass rushers, the Jaguars traded up 22 spots in the first round of the draft to select Florida defensive end Derrick Harvey in order to put even more pressure on Manning

Soooo, they got Porter who immediately has surgery and misses all of camp. Then they trade a king’s ransom to get Derrick Harvey who STILL HASN’T SIGNED HIS CONTRACT. The Jags thought enough of him to trade way up for him, but not enough to pay him a slotted deal.

So the Jholes entire strategy for beating the Colts this year comes down to:
Troy Williamson

Sigh, you gotta love those comic cats.