Sleepy Eyes

Better late than never, Eyes in the Backfield is up for week two. Here’s a sample:
Week one couldn’t have turned out worse for the Horse, and as a reward, the football gods have granted us a virtual rematch, only with a team that is slightly better than the one the Colts just turned into winners. Only this time we get to play them in THEIR loud dome. Bad things happen when you don’t win at home! Here’s what to watch for this week:

1. Watch for Saturday on Sunday . Jamey Richards blew a key block on 4th down in the 4th quarter of Sunday night’s game, and the line protection was screwy all night with several players missing assignments. Saturday has been practicing all week despite a knee injury that is supposed to keep him out up to 11 weeks. If he plays, it’s a sign of just how bad the line was on Sunday. He is currently listed as probable .

2. Watch for the pitch vs. the stretch. The Colts added a new wrinkle as a concession to Manning’s sore knee. Instead of running stretch plays, they ran a nifty pitch left. The play was fairly successful, but lacks the play action possibilities that came with the classic stretch play. More stretch plays could signal that Manning’s knee is feeling better.

For 16 more thing to keep an eye on, check out the full article. I’ll check back in later today with a post about Jeff Saturday and one of the coolest photos I’ve seen.
All joking aside: VY has serious issues. I don’t believe that all depression is necessarily chemical (some is), but I believe anyone who plays a sport where he takes frequent blows to the head, runs the risk of developing physical disorders that manifest themselves emotionally. Or maybe he’s just a huge drama queen who needs to act like a man, who knows. At any rate, this news is disturbing. Also, shouldn’t VY be suing the pants off his shrink? Should she really be telling the club he thought of suicide? And should the club be telling the cops and the press? Isn’t there some kind of confidentiality involved? How did this info become public? Can someone fill me in on the law here?
ESPN’s PowerRankings
FO has a new look and this piece scares me with its comments about Harrison’s ‘twitch reflex’. Is that a real thing?