Shut Up

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it for the last time. It’s the day after Super Bowl XLI and I come to you from the future. I inform you that the Colts will lose the following players for most or all of the 2007 season:

Cato June (Starting LB)
Nick Harper (Starting CB)
Jason David (Starting CB)
Dominic Rhodes (Starting RB)
Tarik Glenn (Starting LT)
Booger McFarland (Starting DT)
Rob Morris (Starting LB)
Dwight Freeney (All Pro DE)
Marvin Harrison (All Pro WR)

They also lose key contributors Brandon Stokley and Terrence Wilkins. How many games would you have predicted the Colts would have won? 7 or 8?

Try 13 games and a random back-breaking fumble from a return to the AFC title game. You don’t think Tony Dungy is a brilliant head coach capable of doing the impossible? You just witnessed an amazing season and you don’t even know it.

Editor’s note: To those who the above rant is directed (you know who you are): this rant should ideally be read while listening to Cake’s “Shut the —- Up.”