Scouts Inc is run by clowns

I’ve railed against them for sometime, but there can now officially be no question.  Scouts Inc., which is the scouting branch/organization used by ESPN is one of the worst, most useless groups ever assembled.  We’ve detailed before how Jeremy Green, son of Denny, used to work for the worst front office in history.  We showed how the signature play they picked for the Colts (the stretch play…right) wasn’t actually the Colts signature play (uh, they run left way more often.  Today, they just pooped on a keyboard and magically transmitted the results to all of us at home.  Get ready for the single worst observation of all time about a football game.

I’m not exaggerating.  You could read internet articles for years and not find an opinion more wrong than this.  Here it is:

Two of the main reasons the Colts got a much-needed victory was their special teams units, which made Detroit drive the length of the field. QB Peyton Manning was able to exploit the Lions’ coverage defenders at all levels of the field — especially TE Dallas Clark — who had 12 catches on shallow crossers and deeper seam routes.

Yes, Scouts Inc, how true.  The Colts’ special teams unit did an excellent job yesterday making the Lions start deep.  Like the Indy 35 and the Indy 21. 

Just a real bang up job there, special teams.  Let’s give them all a game ball!

Aside from forgetting the two short field fumbles, Scouts Inc forgot the Lions started drives at the:  25, 19, 8, 31, 31, 22, 9 (they scored a TD on this drive!), 21, and the 43. 

Did they even watch this game?  I sort of hope they didn’t.  I suppose it’s better to be lazy than just plain stupid.

ESPN the Mag wonders if there is a better coach than Tony Dungy.  Better is a subjective term, but come on.  Bill Belichick is a slug but one of the greatest coaches in history.  Tony is in the next tier down.  If he wins two more Super Bowls he’ll ascend to that next level, but Tony isn’t quite there.  For coaches (NOT PLAYERS!) Super Bowls are the ultimate measuring stick.  A slam dunk HoFer?  For sure.  One of the greatest coaches of his era?  Without a doubt.  Best coach in the game?  I can’t even go there.  I will say that this season is his finest work. 

Peyton continues his run at or near the top of Quick Reads.  Clark shows up as well.