Sarah D reports from Colts Camp

Sarah from Terre Haute weighs in on her day at Colts camp:
(First off, for those that will possibly get confused as to some of the places mentioned, Rose-Hulman (RHIT) has an interactive map. Colts’ camp is in the back of campus at locations A [Sports and Recreation Center] (“rec center”), B [Cook Stadium]/Phil Brown Field (“stadium”), and the Intramural Practice Fields (“practice fields”)).
First thing I had to do (on top of going to the local organization vendors, which were giving away free water [it wasn’t TOO bad outside; only mid-80s…with about 90% humidity and sunny outside])? Purchase a disposable camera, which can be purchased only at the ColtsProShop closest to the tennis courts (there’s 2 ColtsProShops), a Colts’ horseshoe pin (for my pin collection) and a magnetic silver marker. All this (along with getting lunch) was done around 2:15, when I went to the crowd that was forming for gathering signatures just south of the rec center and north of the stadium. I sat there, conversed with other fans, and left for the practice fields, which is east of the tennis courts across another bridge. Even though most stands were filled, I managed to find a seat in the easternmost stands, next to a lady whose video camera was confiscated by security during the morning session, thus relegated her to use her cell phone camera to take pictures (digital pictures I think are fine; video taping is not). Upon watching practice (with were drills with pads; only ones I was able to see were special teams, wide receivers, 1st team offense vs. 2nd team defense [although not very well from my vantage point]), I took a few pictures and stayed after practice to attempt to get more signatures when they were leaving (as the day after was an off-day, and most players were leaving for home for Sunday…or watching the travesty that was the Allstate 400 [being a *gulp* former F1 fan myself (Jacques Villeneuve being my favorite driver), I empathize with the NASCAR fans; similar incident happened at the 2005 United States Grand Prix at the Speedway (the one that resulted in all Michelin teams boycotting the race; the consensus there was that…the heads of F1 were to blame, but again, I digress)]).
Eventually, I called a cab around 6:45p.m. to pick me up.
In that time, I was able to get 4 autographs on the car flag I brought with me:
Before practice, Coach Dungy came to the group a few minutes before afternoon practice, only indicating he would stay and sign for about 5 minutes, then had to leave for the practice field (which is south of RHIT’s stadium)
After practice, most players and staff left. Only one – Jim Sorgi – stayed after practice, signed signatures, gave 2 lucky kids his sweatbands, and talked…but nothing Colts’ related from when I got there.
After Sorgi, I went back to the stadium, and say Ryan Lilja signing autographs along a very long line (he was the only one that went down the ENTIRE LINE OF FANS!!) and talking to everyone there. (More about him later.)
A few minutes after Lilja, rookie Jacob Tamme (who was sitting down while Lilja was signing, but appeared to be limping over)
As for practice itself:
Most of the rookies were on special teams.
See below regarding Marvin Harrison. However, of the new WR’s, I think Sam Giguere (#14, FA from Sherbrooke) looked pretty good (he was the only one of the day that caught a long pass in the end zone during drills).
As for our “PUPs”:
The day I was there, both Peyton Manning (sorry..don’t know yet where he may be, nor do I want to know) and Dwight Freeney were there.
While watching practice, I had a very good vantage point of Bob Sanders (I was in front of him, on the other sideline). He was in “uniform”, but not in pads nor had a helmet, nor did he have any bandages protecting his stomach. (IMHO: I think they didn’t want him to go after the fresh brains.)
Yes, Marvin’s perfectly fine, thank you very much. He was taking routes, catching long passes (I think he missed only 1 long pass)…and almost jumped over the rope between the practice field and crowd, but stopped inches from jumping. (Said the female who was about to be his target: “Hey, I would’ve caught him.”)
While he was signing signatures, Ryan Lilja mentioned his knee was fine, and that he should be ready by Week 1 of the regular season, if not earlier.
That’s all I can give right now. As soon as I get pictures ready will I send them. Hope this may help.