Ravens Game Day Blog

Sort of. My reasons for hating Brighthouse Cable continue to multiply as I’m still limited to the audio version the game on channel 2. I did find a good site that hosts torrent files of the games, so I’ll download it tonight. That being said, I’m not sure what good it does me to blog this bad boy out, but I’ll try to pass on what I glean from Lamey and company. Demond will call in from time to time with his observations as well.
It sounds like most of the team is going to play today, apart from Hayden and Ugoh, so that’s a plus. A win today, and the Colts will have run off 3 of 4 and are headed in the right direction. A loss…let’s not go there.
Quarter One:
The defense forces the turnover, but now the offense is threatening to stall out early. A third and 9 leads to sack out of field goal range. Just awful. This line is just not competent.
The offense has another 3rd and long, as the run game has generated only 15 yards on 8 carries. The Colts play it smart on fourth and 1 and AV nails the 37 yarder for a 17 point lead.
The defense holds Flacco and company again, and the Colts should come away with solid field position, but a moronic penalty on the return moves them way back to the other 20. Any residual benefit from the early pick is now officially wasted.
HELLL YEAH!!!! 18to88! Marvin goes 68 yards! Demond calls to say he had McAllister burnt by 5 yards! He’s obviously washed up.
Big hit by Bullitt on special teams followed by a sack by Brock. THERE’S BLOOD IN THE WATER, BOYS! TAKE THEM DOWN! FUMBLE is covered by Baltimore. Now’s the time to follow this up with a score and put your foot squarely on their throats. Yeah, my frustrations are making me violent. Sorry. My football team has struggled, and my wife is 2 months pregnant and constantly sick. It tends to make one edgy.
With Joe Addai in the locker room for unknown reasons, the Colts go on a nice little drive. Mike Hart takes the third down carry, breaks tackles and picks up the 3rd down! Nice job, little man. The Colts are showing a commitment to the run early, but the results have been very mixed. Lamey says the line is playing better and giving Manning time.
TOUCH DOWN REGGIE WAYNE ON 3rd and LONG! BOOOOOOMM!!! LAY DOWN THE HAMMER! 10 plays in 4:53. That’s bang for the buck.
AV whams another huge kick, and Melvin Bullitt is having himself a DAY. A pick, and two huge special teams hits early. MCLAIN FUMBLES, AND THE HORSE HAS IT! Wow. Freddy picks it up, fumbles it, and gets it back again. Brock has another huge play. The Colts are playing with the kind of verve they’ve been missing all year.
The run game is stalled big time (15 yards on 8 carries). The Colts play it smart and take the points on 4th and 1 from the 19. Putting the Ravens 3 scores down is smart football.
AV is CRUSHING kickoffs. On the last play of the first quarter, the Ravens almost pick up their first first down, but are still half a yard short. This couldn’t have gone any better. It’s time to play a complete game, and put fear back in the heart of the AFC who was just starting to feel good about themselves.
Quarter Two:
Flacco just barely picks up the first down on the keeper. As bad as the Colts run game has been, the Ravens have been worse with just 10 yards on 7 carries. Flacco picks up a third and 9, however by hitting the TE. The Ravens have a little drive working, but Flacco will have to hit some passes for this team to score today. Sessions makes a big play on first down to hit McClain for a loss. The Ravens are going no huddle, and trying to run the little draws that have killed the Colts, but are getting NOTHING. Third and long is must stop time. MATHIS with the sack as Freeney is causing havoc in the backfield. Merrill Hodge is checking the help wanted ads right now.
You have to think that somewhere Bill Simmons is sick to his stomach, as it looks like the Colts might have figured things out.
No sooner do we have a Mike Hart sighting with not one, but two big plays, but he gets hurt. Lamey thinks it looks badish. Now Lamey says, he seemed to be walking better. This drive goes nowhere, as the Colts play it fairly conservatively after a penalty. This is one of those ‘a punt is a good play’ drives. When you are up 17 points, you don’t mind punts. What you do mind is stupid penalties that lead to rekicks. Hunter hits two punts off the side of his foot, but a penalty on the Ravens helps out.
Geeze, my internet resets, and I miss a pick by Bethea! Wow. A holding penalty on first down threatens to waste another turnover by the D, however. Marvin and Peyton can’t hook up on third down, and there’s another punt. It’s funny, but even at 17-0, it feels like the Colts should be up by 30. Great coverage and a super bounce on Smith’s punt pins the Ravens deep. A safety would be sweet here. I imagine the Ravens will run three times and punt. Ok, two runs and a screen. The D holds nicely. This time the punt barely makes midfield, so they can still take advantage of the pick two drives ago.
This is a huge possession. The Colts get the ball to start the second half, so if they can engineer a drive here, they can get two straight trips with the ball up 17 points. That’s a good formula. DOM BUSTS ONE! ALL THE WAY TO THE 12. “What a humiliating run for Baltimore!” is the call on the radio. Three runs take the clock all the way down to minutes, and all but guarantee points for the Colts. Two runs and a field goal are more than ok with me right now. Dom runs it again down inside the five. Baltimore’s timeout shows that they mean to try and get points before the half.
EIGHTEENTOEIGHTYEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suck it, Merrill.
AV picks up his third touch back. The other two? Bullitt nails a guy inside the 20. That’s sick. I think Tony got through to these guys. This is a team that looked into the abyss last week, and now plays like they want to win it all. Wow. Mathis picks up a huge sack/fumble, but the Ravens cover it. Now the Colts take a timeout before 3rd and long. THEY WANT MORE. No wonder they hate us in Baltimore. The D forces the punt, and the O gets one more chance. A 57 yard punt that goes out of bounds? Geeze. Run and go into the locker room.
Just a question, but does anyone know who the karmic opposite of Amy Winehouse would be?
Well that went well. #18 posts a 137.3 QB rating, and the Horse is rolling. Let’s get home with no more injuries (you know, other than two of our running backs, d’oh!), and we’ll all go home happy. One more TD by the offense to start the third quarter, and it’ll be Sorgi time.
Quarter Three:
The Colts go on a big drive, helped by a couple of nice catches by Clark, and Reggie Wayne being completely sick. First and goal, Colts at the one. If they punch this in, I’m done for the day. I’ll catch you all after the game. And no. There is no way I post a picture before this one is officially over. If the reverse jinx works, I suppose the regular jinx might too.
Dom walks in the for the score. I think #18 is done for the day, and so, my friends, am I.