Pats fan turned the movie off too soon

Foxsports has printed an article by a Patriots fan who embraces the vile thing his team has become. He says that it’s great being the evil Empire. His piece ends by saying

“Embrace the hate. We’re Darth Vader. And they’re living on Alderaan.”

An apt analogy I’m sure. May I just point out that in a delicious case of life imitating art, the Empire went down in flames, twice imploding under it’s own soulless technological weight. Sure, they had their 17-0 run of Striking Back at the NFL, but that was happily bracketed by losses to the Manning boys which sort of renders the middle stretch dramatically resonant, but ultimately meaningless to the final tally. I doubt that any Imperial officers were drowning their sorrows after the battle of Endor saying, “Yeah, well we kicked their asses on Hoth!”. Nice try buddy, but being the Empire is only great when you win.

Ask the Yankees how they like it now.