Pardon me…do you speak Hasselhoff?

I’ve finally managed to find some time to comment on a few things while I’m in Germany. I’ll be home tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully I’ll be home in time for the game tomorrow night. I might help Demond blog the second half, but I make no promises. I’ll be pretty jet lagged.
Here’s some random thoughts from the last few days:
Argentina is off to a nice start in the Olympics. FIFA has to do an infinitely better job with their rules and communitcation with the clubs. I’m sorry, but allowing clubs to protest the inclusion of players in the Olympics because ‘they weren’t on the calendar’ is asinine. There were clubs that just forgot the Olympics were this year? I don’t buy it at all.
Manning has to be going crazy. It sounds like camp is weird without him.
Germany is crazy expensive to begin with, but the weak dollar isn’t helping. I changed a $50 and got 26 and change in Euros back. People need to wake up and realize that the exchange rate is one of the chief causes of high oil prices. Trust me folks, now is NOT the time to go to Europe. If you want to travel internationally, go to Argentina. It’s beautiful, cultured, and crazy cheap. It’s also now 99% Nazi free!

How is it possible that the Jags haven’t signed Harvey? They gave up a king’s ransom to get him, and now won’t pay him? Insane.
Finding out that Brett Favre will be playing for the NY Jets at 1 am EST while in Germany was a very weird experience. Although even weirder was hearing that JC is a Jets season ticket holder. This entire mess has worked out pretty well for the Colts. As you all know, I’m convinced that Aaron Rodgers will be dog meat (again, not based on anything other than the odds combined with the pressure). That makes the Colts trip to Lambeau that much easier. I don’t know that Favre will save the Jets, but at least NE has to work a little.
I like Whitlock’s opinion on this. I’m rooting against the Pack all year, not because I like Favre. I just hate stupidity.