Okay Edge, play the blues

I was listening to a short commercial for the Jersey Johnny show on 1070 this morning and he brought up the possibility that Edge could be cut by Arizona this off-season. The Cardinals are in a bad cap situation and really don’t need an expensive 30 year-old running back. Did that signing ever make sense? The speculation is that since cutting him would save the team five million dollars they would be better off getting a much cheaper and much younger back in the draft.

Where would that put Edge? He’d be a free agent with plenty of money in his pocket. He’d be free to go ring-hunting. A title is the only hole on his superb resume. I’m guessing the market wouldn’t be a whole lot bigger for #32 than it was for Dom Rhodes last year. It’s sounds like sacrilege, but he is thirty years old.

The Colts could desperately use a bigger, experienced RB. Edge would be a major upgrade over Keith. Duh. He is an excellent receiver, unlike Keith. On the ground he’d be at least as effective as some random guy from Canada. And there’s an outside chance they’d be creating an unstoppable tandem with Addai. That would depend on the offensive line, of course.

The Cardinals are saying they expect Edge to be back next year, so this is purely talk. I think I’d have him back for one more year if I was Ken Wisenhunt, but you never know. Just keep your eyes open.

DZ Comments: Let’s start baseless rumors like, “I saw Edge at the airport. What could he be doing in town? Is Peyton having a barbecue or something? It’s not time for Marvin Harrison’s yearly Jarts tournament for charity. . . HE’S GOING TO RE-SIGN!”

While you are floating around the web today, make sure you check out the good folks at INEPT. Thier new shirt, “How does New England spell defeat: MANNING” is sweet. Watch the F***ing Pats video about a quarter of the way down, you won’t be disappointed (most of the profanity is bleeped). While we’re at it, here’s a couple of links I missed last week:

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Here’s a great recap of the mounting evidence against the Rocket.

FO has a great piece on just how crazy it was that the Giants won the Super Bowl. Last year, Demond kept telling me that the Colts’ run to the title would be the most unlikely of all time. I thought he was nuts. Apparently, he was right according to this article. Note that 5 of the most unlikely champions ever won in the last 8 years. This tells me that something is afoot in the NFL. This current era is the age of upsets, apparently. In all of NFL history, it has never been less important to be a favorite or even to have a bye week than it is right now.