No Jokin’

I figure that no one is reading blogs tonight because everyone is too busy going to see the Dark Knight. I wish that I would have seen it at midnight last night, but babysitters are notoriously hard to find at that hour. Demond and I will both be taking our respective wives out for romantic nights of comic book heroes. Ah, but we are so very suave. Oddly enough, as excited as I am about this film, I more a’tingle over the return of Mulder and Scully next Friday. My wife and I are taking a weekend away to Canada to check out cultural extravaganza of the X-Files on Friday and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival on Saturday. Chris Carter and the Bard all at once. Be still my heart.
Before I turn completely into Harry Knowles, check out home of Big Dave’s Horseshoe Haven podcast. His guest this week is yours truly. He has a very solid podcast that merits your subscription. Enjoy.