No. 2

It was always my favorite number growing up, but now it stands mostly for crap. Unfortunately, by that I mean the Colts backup QB situation. Don Banks ranks all the backups in the league, and Jim Sorgi comes in at a generous 23rd. We were going to discuss the issue in the podcast, but Demond’s 20 month old isn’t taking well to having a new baby in the house, and the chaos meant we couldn’t get it done last night. Maybe tonight.
At any rate, the disaster that has been Jim Sorgi this preseason has only been eclipsed by the ugliness that is Jared Lorenzen and Quinn Gray. I was sure there was no way Lorenzen could make the roster after the first half on Sunday. Then Gray went out and threw 4 picks. Awesome. The best thing that ever happened to Sorgi was getting hurt. Giving the fans a look at the alternatives has definitely quieted the calls for his head.
I know that Kyle Orton isn’t the greatest arm out there, but I honestly doubt our ability to beat ANY team in the NFL without Manning behind center.
By the way, with Peyton practicing today (and looking good, thank God), don’t get excited until tomorrow. Marvin practiced on a lot last year (or at least ran), but couldn’t go the next day. If Manning participates fully on consecutive days, then we’ll have our answer as to a week from Sunday.
LINKS: ESPN the Magazine profiles the Manning boys.
FO goes over the best TE seasons and careers. Two Colts make the lists frequently, but Dallas Clark isn’t one of them. Kenny Dilger was better than most realized, as was Marcus Pollard, who will soon join Dilger as a Classic Colt as soon as he retires.
Adam Dunn? He’s doing just fine in AZ. He’s having a good influence on everyone around him. Reds fans who hated Dunn were morons. I may never get over that deal.