No news, good news

Marvin Harrison continues to deny involvement in the recent incident, this time to the team. Jim Irsay makes a good point when he says:
“Until we hear more, this isn’t even a case of innocent until proven guilty because there hasn’t been a charge yet”
This quote is particularly hilarious in light of some of the more over the top articles and insinuations bandied about by members of the media and blogosphere who can only rightly be classified as…bored and stupid. We didn’t even bother to link to a wild story from a radio guy covered by Deadspin about Harrison being some kind virtual modern day Sonny Corleone. Also of note in this article is that the Philly police are saying that charges are ‘not imminent‘. This is a relief, because about 3 times a day I go on “Harrison run” around the internet checking a variety of sites for breaking news on this story. It now sounds like no news is coming anytime soon.

Personally, I’d rather some kind of charge come out of this against someone other than Marvin so the kooks can shut up, but at this point my money is on the whole thing going away. It’s a classic inner city Philly case that police just can’t waste their time on solving when they have a pretty full slate of murders to solve. Now, if Marvin does wind up with some kind of charge, his denial to team officials could result in action by the league if they determine that he lied to the team/league. At this point, that scenario is appearing more and more unlikely. I think that three or four years from now we may look back at his and say, “remember that one time they though Marvin shot some dude. How crazy was that?”

Something good has come of all this though…we now have third party verification that 88 is a ninja, something we have long suspected but not been able to prove. Plucky ninja!