More Contest Suggestions

We’ve gotten in a couple of solid first attempts in the Import Wins Contest (see two posts ago). Keep them coming.

Two more games I definitely want to see someone write up are the Colts throttling of the Bucs on the last day of the 1987 season to secure a playoff bid. I’d also like someone to take on the win over the Vikings on Christmas Eve of 2000 that helped secured a second consecutive playoff bid. The Colts looked like they wouldn’t make the playoffs midway through the season, but closed strong and beat a good team in the Dome to slip in.

Go easy on the 2006 games. I’ve already had a couple (not counting the Super Bowl) entries there. Right now the best way to win is to do one of the four games I’ve suggested in these posts.

I’m reposting it from the comments section, just because it’s awesome. My Rik Smits fixation has been satisfied for today.

Prisco picks the 30 players most likely to break out. Our own “Junior Seau Junior” Freddy Keiaho made the list.