Mock Draft 2008 – AKA “Who the hell is Deshawn Zombie?”

Alright, we just couldn’t let the biggest offseason week of the year go by without throwing our two cents in. Yes, I still hate the draft. No, I don’t think it’s vaguely possibly to have the slightest idea who the Colts will take in round two, but as a blogger it’s my solemn responsibility to comment blindly on things that are impossible to know and of only passing interest to the rest of the world. And so, in honor of that sacred trust, Demond and I offer up our best advice for all the teams drafting in the first round this year.

UPDATE: As of 3 pm EST today, we’ve exceeded our bandwith for No telling when the site will be back online.

Also, can we get a collective sigh of relief over the headline from today’s Star? Freeney is guaranteeing to play opening day, but hearing that he’s only just now jogging does freak me out a bit. There is no issue that will affect the success or failure of the 2008 Colts as much as Dwight Freeney’s health. Almost nothing else matters.

Check out this weird bit from I especially like any piece that mentions Tom Coverdale and politics at the same time.

I forgot to mention this earlier in the week, but now you can all see why we are waiting to induct Marcus Pollard into the Classic Colts. I’m not surprised the Patriots signed him, they’ve had their mitts all over him for a long time. We always wish Pollard the best, but now…ugh.

Kelvin Sampson is landing on his feet. This is a good move for him. He clearly needed out of the college game with its pesky rules and accountability.