Live Game Blog

Getting ready for kick off. Mark Herrmann thinks Jeff Saturday is the second most important player on the offense. Interesting argument, but I’d stick with either Reggie Wayne or Ugoh because of the importance of protecting Manning’s blind side.
1st Quarter
1.) Former North Central standout Courtney Roby gets things going with a nice return out to the 45 yard line. Huge for him, obviously. Two unsuccessful carries by Kenton Keith. Probably a last ditch effort for him to make the team. I’m doubting it, but what do I know? Punt.
2.) Ryan Fitzpatrick opens it up by overthrowing his man. Scrambles on third for exactly ten yards. DZ calls to inform me that the building is only 60% full. Can’t honestly blame the ticketholders. He almost talked our dad into going to the game, but someone reminded Dad that no one of significance would be playing for either team. I’ve spent most of this drive eating a corndog. Crazy long drive. Going on ten minutes. Mostly crazy scrambles by the QB. Down to the five yard line. Charleston whiffs badly on the Fitzpatrick. Somebody hit this clown. Terrible Jeff Saturday commercial for the millionth time. Touchdown Chris Perry. Bengals 7 – Colts 0.
3.) The home fans seem to be headed for another preseason treat. Garcon’s return only gets to the 17. Interesting. Gray misses badly on his first attempt of the drive. Keith gets stuffed. Sack. Fumble. Bengals ball.
Second Quarter
1.) Touchdown Cincy. Bengals 14 – Colts 0
2.) This maybe an abridged live blog for two reasons. First, this is a terrible game. Second, my son keeps turning off the cable box. Roby out to the 21. Not much blocking to work with.
3.) Big gainer to Santi. 22 yards from Lorenzen. Gray has no business making this team. Neither does Lorenzen. Punt.
4.) The Terre Haute Colts don’t looks so good tonight. Huuuge sack by Josh Thomas forces a punt.
5.) Courtney Roby takes the kickoff 104 yards for a score! Rosterize him. That’s as clutch as it gets when you are fighting for your career. Bengals 17 – Colts 7