Links coming fast and furious…

So much going on…I scarcely know where to start:
ESPN’s AFC South Blogger covers Colts’ camp.
Prisco takes five things away from Colts’ camp…one is that Ed Johnson is a player. He also thinks we’ll be pretty good this year.
Apparently, he also heard a rumor that Bill Polian knows what he’s doing. Funny, I heard that same thing.
Peter King’s piece on Favre is totally nuts. I swear, this is getting to be one of the most insane situations in history. The Pack is moving on? WHY???? TO WHAT? In five years, we may well look back on Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy as the biggest idiots in football history. Aaron Rodgers will be booed off the field unless he starts hot, and I mean blazing hot. I know they think they are doing this guy a favor by protecting his right to play, but the man has ZERO window with the fans. If they lose to Minnesota in week one…no check that…if he plays poorly in the PRESEASON, the fans will riot in Green Bay. Uuuuugly.
CHFF chimes in with a Star Wars reference. I wonder if the dominance of NE/Indy has more to do with the arrival of two historically great QBs than it does anything else.

Ross Tucker’s words should chill the hearts of the Pack faithful.

“The coaches and GMs want to see their draft picks and free-agent signees succeed, and perhaps rightfully so. It makes them look good.
Though it should be all about wins and losses, too often it becomes more about validating one’s decisions”

The funny thing is…he wasn’t even talking about Favre when he said it.
I just spent waaaay too long trying to get this clip to embed correctly.  Sportsline sucks.