Let’s go camping!

Hey! It’s finally here! Our boys are smacking it around again, and camp opens with good news. The picks are almost all in (I told you there was nothing to worry about). Only Santi (a 6th rounder is unsigned). I heard rumors he was hurt, so the Colts may not sign him until he’s healthy just so they can use the roster spot. Meanwhile, the Star leads off today with the promise that Dwight Freeney will be healthy enough to start week 1. I’ve said it over and over again, this is the one issue that really matters.
I wish I was going to get down to camp, but a business trip to Germany for 9 days starting next week makes that a little dicey. It still might happen, but I wouldn’t count on it.

LINKS: We’ve known for awhile that Mike Floria is a tool. This post pretty much proves it. It’s possibly the dumbest thing anyone has ever said. The Colts sign Quinn Grey and that means Peyton Manning is hurt really bad. Wow.

ESPN statistically (sort of) ranked the prestige of NCAA basketball programs since 1984. IU comes in at #13. I feel sick.

FO lists the best RB performances since 1995. Three different Colts make the list. We really have been blessed with an almost unbroken run of amazing RB play going back to the late 80s.