It Bears Repeating

I know it has been mentioned, but to further psych you up for tonight’s game let me remind you of Bill Simmons’ take on how the Colts season will begin:
Prediction No. 6: The Colts will barely make the playoffs:
And I mean, barely. As in, “Manning will limp around and look like absolute crap for the first few weeks.” As in, “Merril Hoge and Ron Jaworski will spend copious amounts of time showing us replays to prove how much the Colts miss Jeff Saturday.” As in, “Everyone who took Marvin Harrison in the third, fourth or fifth round of their fantasy draft will want to fire two gunshots at themselves and then intimidate any potential witness from testifying.” As in, “ will lead with a ‘What’s Wrong With The Colts?’ headline and a picture of a downcast Peyton Manning on the Monday after Week 5 (a shocking loss in Houston). As in, “Peter King will break the story that the Colts are quietly hoping Tony Dungy will pack it in after the season.” And just as we’re finally writing them off when they’re 5-6 after a Week 12 loss in San Diego, they’ll run the rest of the slate, finish 10-6, grab the sixth wild-card spot and immediately become “The First-Round Team Nobody Wants To Play.” Sometimes this is too easy.

Oh Bill, how foolish you will look come midnight tonight. I’d be harder on you, but at least you are man enough to admit that the Pats have screwed up their last few draft classes.