Irrelevant but Irritating

This title could describe so very many many things in life (Keith Oberman, The Jacksonville Jaguars, TPS Reports), but in this case it describes the strength of schedule for next year’s NFL season. Listen, I know it doesn’t really matter because lots of teams look good one year only to suck the next year, so we don’t really know if a schedule is tough or not before hand. The Colts play twice against 8-8 Houston, who could easily regress to 5-11. They play 10-6 Cleveland who I can’t see winning more than 6 games next year. Still, it sucks to see your team sitting with the 2nd hardest schedule in the NFL based on last year’s records (the Steelers have a harder one mostly because they play us and we play them). Ultimately, the entire AFC South is in the top 8, so the disadvantage won’t be too great.

So what’s irritating about all this…?

The Pats have the NFL’s easiest schedule. Their opponents combine for a winning percentage of .387. The Chargers schedule is 2nd easiest.