Interview #2

Here’s a link to the second interview I did for MVN. The worst part about watching this game in South America is that it won’t start until 10:30 my time. It’s not just that it’s late at night, but that I’ll wait all day for it.
The biggest consequence of yesterday’s AFC massacre is that Indy can still make the playoffs even if they lose tonight’s game. A loss tonight, and the Colts are still only a game behind the Jets and Ravens. No one wants to be on the outside looking in, but we all have to be careful not to jump off any bridges if the game goes the wrong way. More than a win or a loss, this team needs to play well. Another crap-fest on the heels of last week’s dud, won’t bode well for the rest of the year. If the team plays well, but loses on a freak play or bad call, it’ll hurt, but in terms of record, won’t necessarily preclude a playoff run.
Let’s face there’s a lot of teams that would love to be in Indy’s shoes this morning. Jacksonville and San Diego have to have serious doubts this morning. Even the Jets have to wonder what is going on. Indy is only 3-3, but they wake up this morning with a chance to set their season right. Lots of other teams are wondering if that chance will ever come.
One note on tonight’s live game blog. We’ll be participating in a chat via MVN with some Tennessee bloggers and MVN people. They invited us to participate, and we said yes. They said they want interaction with our readers. Just so you all know, we won’t be ‘running’ the discussion, so if some of your comments don’t make it in, I’m sorry. It should be lively and interesting, and you can access it right here just like last week. As always, we appriciate both your participation and feedback, so if you find this format limiting let us know about it. The interface will look just like last week, and will be posted sometime before game time (as soon as they send us the data).
FO says defensive penalties don’t hurt as much as offensive penalties. I’m sure it’s true overall, but don’t tell Tim Jennings that.
Kravitz likes the Colts. More importantly, he refers to Lucas Oil Stadium as “The Luke”. You may wonder why this is so important to me. I have two friends who named kids after ballparks. One named his son Camden and the other named his daughter Wrigley. For an odd combination of family and bizarre Argentine legal reasons, if I have a son, we are naming him Lucas and calling him Luke. I just want to fit in the trend. Yet one more reason to root for another boy.
PK has a great quote from the Titans Mike Munchak on Freeney
“Freeney’s the best rusher we face in the league,” said Munchak. “He changed the game. You don’t understand his speed until you play him. What we do is go heavy on speed during practice before we play him, and then hope we can get ahead of them and just pound the ball.”
Dallas Clark talks to Mike Tirico
Tarik Glenn offers his thoughts on the men who have replaced him. He’s wrong. CJ has not ‘played well’ by any standard unless you compare him only with himself. He’s playing better than he used to. This does not qualify as ‘playing well’.