Indirect TV

My month long odyssey with DirecTV continues.  Today I check my program guide to find which station the Colts game would be on, only to find out they’ve CHANGED the version of the Sunday Ticket they offer in Latin America.  Now, instead of all the games, I only get 6 (plus Sunday night and Monday Night).  I get three early and three late games.  So guess which game I’m NOT getting this afternoon. 

Yup.  No Colts game again.  Because my mother is leaving tonight, and we are going to watch the game as a family by plugging my laptop into our TV (instead of me holed up in my office blogging on my desktop and watching the game on my laptop), there will be no live game blog today.  Demond will be at the game.  I will come and do a quarter by quarter post, but again, no live game blog this afternoon.

Thanks DirecTV!  You are the gift that just keeps on giving!