I’m ready

for football season. The Reds are beyond done. Their bats have once again gone silent. Tiger is done. The NBA playoffs are done. There is nothing to do but wait.

The thing about these Colts is that there really isn’t anything to talk about. There is one issue that will decide the success or failure of the 2008 Colts: the health of Dwight Freeney. With all due respect to the good guys over at Stampedeblue.com (who I enjoy), I’m not interesting in parsing out who will be the 5th receiver. I’m not curious to see who makes the roster. I’m only very mildly interested in who wins the right guard slot. These things are nice distractions, I guess, but they aren’t very satisfying. I’m ready for football season.

This NFL season is like waiting for a present to be unwrapped. I think the Horse is stacked. I fully expect to win the title that should have been ours last season had not fate played nasty games with the healthy of half the roster. I can’t wait for the Jags to be exactly the same team they always have been (maybe even a little worse). I can’t wait for Lucas Oil to open. I can’t wait for Joe Addai to rip off 1400 yards behind a healthy O-line that doesn’t feature Charlie Johnson at tackle. I can’t wait for Dungy to walk victoriously off the field in Tampa. I’m ready for football season.

Football season isn’t ready for me though, and that leaves me in a quandary. I’ll enjoy the rest of my vacation and finish some books (I’m Right on Time and The Glory of Their Times). I’ll continue dominating my fantasy baseball league and posting links on 18to88. Eventually, I’ll try to figure out how to get down to training camp, and I’ll whine about how horrible the preseason is. And then just before I pack up to head back to Argentina, I’ll finally slip into Lucas Oil Stadium for week one, knowing that I might not be back there for another few years at best. Still, I’m ready for football season.

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